Capitol Offense

320 pages
Publisher: HC Putnam 8/16/07
HC ISBN-10: 0399154310
HC ISBN-13: 978-0399154317

Lost Angel

304 pages
Publisher: HC Putnam 8/17/06;
PB Berkeley 8/7/07
HC ISBN-10: 0399153713
HC ISBN-13: 978-0399153716
PB ISBN-10: 0425216667
PB ISBN-13: 978-0425216668

Excerpt from Capitol Offense:

Baby Santos got off the elevator on the fifth floor of the Alaska State Capitol. He pushed his cleaning cart to the right, down the hall, around the corner and through the propped-open door to the House Finance Committee hearing room. At just after 10 p.m., the room, like all of the offices he'd passed, was empty.
     Baby had been cleaning offices here for many years. He knew that if it had been May instead of March, the rooms would be brightly lit and full of people. He was glad it wasn't the end of the legislative session yet, because working around all those people talk-talk-talking made his job much harder. And the wastepaper they made. Holy Mother!
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Excerpt from Lost Angel:

     The single-engine bush plane staggered across the sky, rocking and rolling on the air currents that rose from the jumbled land below. Nik Kane clenched his teeth and cinched his seat belt even tighter.
     “Saint Joseph protect us,” he muttered. Then he smiled. Some things we learn as children never leave us, he thought.
     The pilot, who looked barely old enough to shave, gave him a pitying shake of the head.
     “Don’t worry, Pops,” the pilot shouted. “These river valleys are always a roller coaster.” 
     Kane could barely hear him over the engine’s clatter. They had been flying north and east from Anchorage for almost two hours, and the trip included all the things Kane hated about flying in Alaska.

New! Skeleton Lake
Skeleton Lake -- coming in August!
Excerpt from Skeleton Lake:

“Nobody knows what he was doing up here,” Jackie Dee said, taking a long drag on his cigarette. “When the kids found him, there was no one else in sight.

Kane looked at the crime scene. The little clearing on the shore of the lake was crawling with cops, maybe a dozen uniforms milling around like some Little League team at its first practice, a clutch of suits getting wetter and wetter. Cars were parked pointed in every direction, and some of their headlights lit up the wet, slick ground around the body, where Kane could see a regiments’ worth of footprints rapidly filling with rain.

“Jesus, Jackie, did every one of these fucking idiots have to check for vitals?” he said. “This circus isn’t going to leave enough evidence to stick in your eye.”

320 pages
Publisher: Putnam 8/14/08
ISBN-10: 0399154922
ISBN-13: 978-0399154928