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The third novel in the
Nik Kane series.
Nik's past won't stay buried
-- with deadly consequences.

Take a dip in Skeleton Lake:

“Nobody knows what he was doing up here,” Jackie Dee said, taking a long drag on his cigarette. “When the kids found him, there was no one else in sight.

Kane looked at the crime scene. The little clearing on the shore of the lake was crawling with cops, maybe a dozen uniforms milling around like some Little League team at its first practice, a clutch of suits getting wetter and wetter. Cars were parked pointed in every direction, and some of their headlights lit up the wet, slick ground around the body, where Kane could see a regiments’ worth of footprints rapidly filling with rain.

“Jesus, Jackie, did every one of these fucking idiots have to check for vitals?” he said. “This circus isn’t going to leave enough evidence to stick in your eye.”

Rave reviews for Skeleton Lake!

“All the characters spring from the
page as intense as today's violent
crime headlines and as convincingly
as a .38 slug to the belly."
- Publisher’s Weekly  (starred review)

“Writing with as much style and
authority as ever, [Doogan] has
crafted a plot worthy of his prose.”
- Kirkus Review (starred review)

“Doogan...shows that there is new territory to be staked in this genre
and that some authors can provide
a slam-dunk ending in an
understated, unique fashion...”
- Library Journal 

Mike’s fantasy short story, “Glamour,” is soon to come from Ace Books as part of a fantasy crime anthology, Unusual Suspects, edited by mystery mistress turned thriller writer Dana Stabenow. Mike previously had a short story in Dana’s Powers of Detection.

Capitol Offense, the second Nik Kane novel, is causing Mike a lot of what someone once called déjà vu all over again. The book is set in the Alaska legislatureCapitol Offense in Juneau. And, of course, since writing the novel Mike got himself elected to the state House of Representatives. So he’s walking the halls Nik walks in the novel, and some of his colleagues aren’t so sure they’re not in the book themselves. Mike swears they aren’t. But there’s always the next book.

Mike is back at work on the next Nik novel, working title Dead Drunk. It was about three-quarters written when he set it aside to write Skeleton Lake. It’s a story about recovery and redemption – and, of course, murder. More about this in The Scoop on the author’s page.


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